The Romeo Devine Radio show Podcast

Episode 98

Kiss The Bride - 18 December 2012 - Co Host - Grayson ( and I chat about his special "Cough Syrup", life at 40, and how when a Comic bombs on stage all of his buddies tell him "Good set." We interview Event planner Anna K (, and she gives us some tips on how to plan events, and shares some Wedding stories with us. Grayson gets nervous during the conversation, and only opens up when we start talking about Alcohol and crashing weddings. Comedian Wes Martens is in the house as well, and helps us navigate through this uncomfortable topic for Men.....Marriage. He also tells us about his cross country road trip. I think I mention Anna K's Web Page address a total of  12 times during the interview.


Episode 97

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Episode 96

Gangsta - 04 December 2012 - Co Host - Grayson ( and I chat about his Gangsta photo on his Web Page, which was taken by someone he no longer speaks to.  We both talk about our visits to the Doctor, being in pain, can you do drugs while on antibiotics, and hot Nurses. We both interview special studio guest, Comedian Jeff Brown. We grill him about his addictions and inner demons, and Grayson and I joke about how as a guy you should never be too comfortable while talking into a microphone, because you might get judged.

Jeff Brown also talks about why he decided to get into Comedy, writing his Jokes at Hooters with Grayson helping, and he gives a shout out to his Wife Jackie, and her Hot friend Meredith. We then start to Cyber stalk Meredith, as I critique her photo. We also discuss special camping underwear, if we sleep commando style at night, and how Grayson does not use detergent to wash his clothes. We sing Personal Jesus, and talk user names for Adult Friend Finder. COM


Episode 95

Comedy Gang- 20 November 2012 - Co Host - Grayson ( and I chat about his 40th birthday, and how he drank a 40 Oz. of Malt Liquor to celebrate.  Studio guests include Road Warrior Comedian Sean Carlucci who discusses his special Comedy Diet, and veteran Comedian Wes Martens. Additionally, we get a call in from Comedian Doug Scott, who offers Turkeys to all of us. He also provides a holiday tip as well. Comedian Ol' Mike B. ( gives us a call, and offers up some holiday bargains.

We close the show out by giving people advice on how to deep fry a Turkey in a very small apartment, and the dating service for Comedians I want to start. We mention Comedian Wayne Manigo (, and Ol' Mike B. selling T-Shirts.


Episode 94

Comics Call- 13 November 2012 - Co Host - Grayson ( and I chat about Male personal grooming habits below the belt and where does a guy go to get waxed. We get a call in from Comedian Jon Yeager and Comedian Alex Powers. Grayson and I talk about the studio being so cold that our nipples get hard, and he talks about making love to himself. Thong underwear come up again, and we also talk about false advertising, and people who un friend you on Facebook.


Episode 93

Mascot World - 06 November 2012 - Co Host - Grayson ( and I chat about Election Day, how Comics never find women to date. I talk about dressing in Drag & making love to a date while keeping my wig on. I suggest how they should change the rules so that anyone can run for President. We spend a few minutes talking Mascots, and if we are living in a post Mascot era. Grayson googles the McDonald's characters, and names them all.

We talk about watching the movie Magic Mike, Soccer mommies, Star Wars Bed sheets, turning 40 yrs old, and how many Strippers do you really need at your party. The proper use of the word Thong or Thongs, how much does a male Thong cost on the internet with shipping and handling, is it really an STD if you can take a pill to make it go away, and Village People Posters in my bed room.


Episode 92

Talking Stuff - 23 October 2012 - Special  Co Host - Grayson ( and I chat about how he has four names, and is a Christian Comic, who tells 'off color jokes." We also film parts of the show to use in a soon to come 'behind the scenes" expose. We also chat about which Comics he wants to fight, is there a such thing as "Soccer Mommie' Porno, I.E. is it in your face Porn - Pun intended, or soft core. We also discuss making sure you have a safe word, never dating a women with more then two four legged animals, as anything more than two is hoarding. I tell a story about meeting a Lady with 12 Cats.

We get a call in from  Ol' Mike B. (, as he talks about playing video games at work, and his new addiction to Apple products. We also discuss how Comedians get paid with free food, and how we try to figure out how we gained 30 pounds from all the free food. We talk play - play handcuffs, and how Mike B. received so much hate mail because of his participation in a controversial Comedy Video entitled 'Abused Black Men"


Episode 91

Real Music - 16 October 2012 - Special  Co - Grayson ( and I chat with world class Musician/Drummer/Producer Kevin Peter Jones about life and his new CD Magnetic Journey. He tells us how he started playing the drums, and myself and Grayson joke with him about all the access he has to rich, famous, and beautiful people. We also discuss some of his future gigs, which include The Jimmy Kimmel Show in January 2013 & The NFL Pro bowl in February 2013. Grayson and I also discuss how Preachers & Comedians have so much in common.


Episode 90

Young Lovers - 04 September 2012 - I have a nice chat about Love, romance, relationships, rejection, and dating in the modern age with special guest Gayle, The Dating Diva Listen in as we laugh all the way through a great conversation about your love life.


Episode 89

Wild Style - 28 August 2012 - I hang out with Comedians Sean Carlucci  & James Grayson Boucher, as we get a massage live on the air from Masseuse extraordinaire Liz Schneider, as the comics fantasize about taking her out on a date. Also world class Musician/Drummer/Producer Kevin Peter Jones stops by as well. Ethan and DJ Ohlow Redd Kodiak of The Beat Konductaz ( say a few words, as we try to keep the party going.